Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Licences and club memberships 2010 update

With 2009 almost behind us and 2010 on the verge of breaking open, there will be some changes as far as licensing members goes.

To be eligible as a licensed rider (full racing license or cyclosport)- you have to be a paid up member of a club of your choice. The members themselves will be responsible for applying and paying for their own licenses online, afterwhich the chosen club will approve their application online. The process of creating the license is then set in motion.

Licenses will be posted to the cycling union of that province where clubs will then collect their issues. Licensing for 2010 is only scheduled to begin on 23rd December 2009, so as yet nothing will happen until this date.
We will communicate the process once cycling SA has finalised everything. Licencing looks as though it will be in members hands in future and club fees will be adjusted accordingly.

The offer is still open to sort out members who did not receive licenses in 2009 - please refer back here soon for updates. information.

New kit is expected to be arriving at club100 this week, and we will make a plan to fetch next week for new members still waiting for their kit.

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