Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Babba's Lodge Mtb Race

So the new year has struck, and we still have that piece of fruitcake stuck somewhere on the hips. Getting back on the bike might seem quite daunting, and let's face it, the weather is not helping.

Nothing kicks you back in training mode like a race, and for the mounties, and even roadies looking for something different, the guys from Babba's Lodge are here to the rescue!

Babba's Lodge is a very easy mountain bike race with minimal technical sections and even less climbs. We always recommend this race to guys just getting in the sport, but can also act as a great catalyst to get the year going. 35kms for the starter or 70km for the ones looking for some distance. Starts this Sunday (10 Jan) at 8h00.

You can find the race details and online entries at -
but line entries are available on the day.
Trust I will see you all there this Sunday!

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