Friday, February 19, 2010

Loskop Cruise feedback 20 February

The three musketeers, Atholl Fleming, Greg Cullen and Johan Frost

The "vasbyters" Francois vd Walt and Glen Grundy

Harry, Dorret, Neil, Stefan, Conrad, Glen, Francois, Atholl, Gert, Greg, Ryan, Johan, Chad, Hennie and Clinton from MTN Club 100 Witbank

Feedback ...
The Loskop Cruise that turned into a 120km ride almost all the way to Groblersdal! 15 riders left Witbank at 5am to tackle the Hertszogberg, with some turning around at the 60km mark to return home. Others kept going we ended up cycling 120km to Glen's farm on the Groblersdal road.. Well done to the guys that have made this ride - it shows that we have commited
riders. Thanks to Sandra and the girls for back up and support. Good luck to Greg & Atholl, Ryan and all the other guys riding Sani2C early in March. This was a good training ride.

The club will be doing a long training ride once a month. Watch the space ...

Contact :

Francois 082 8022 088

Atholl 082 8077 609
Ryan, Iwan ....

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  1. Im rediculously jealous. Between having Cayden's bday party tomorrow morning and actually off with a cold, my chances of joining are closer to none than just slim ;)