Thursday, February 11, 2010

Loskop Cruise


OPTION 1 (Feedback)

Perfect riding conditions for the day – not a cloud in sight. 8 of us (Ryan aka butter-smooth, Iwan aka ball-bearing, Kevin, Glen, Chase, Jaime aka Mud-Muncher, Adriaan aka panic-mechanic, Trevor aka The-Rose, Francois aka with-us-in-spirit) started at 05h30 from Borris’ airfield. Headed out and back for the 50km with a new wolf in the pack aka Glen Grundy on his new 29 inch niner. Later to realize the man was fitter than everyone expected and was out in front for most of the ride. Some of us needed to get back in the saddle to step the fitness up and it was a great start to getting off the bat.
We finished back at the air strip at around 07h30 and pulled out our skottels and goodies and had ourselves a fantastic breakfast. Everyone brought food for at least 3 other people, so we REALLY did have too much food, but we ate like kings, and reminisced about races and planned some up and coming events.

It was a social end to an excellent ride and we’d like to do a breakfast once a month or so to remind us of the fun we must keep having.

Start - 05h30 – Borris airfield – 20-100km (own choice)– Bring skottel and breakfast goodies for social afterwards which will be back at borris’ (this ride is an out and back type ride)
GPS lat 25-48’26” S and long 29-13’13”E
Gate has Secure Access board on gate, please keep gate closed.

For directions phone :
Ryan 082 927 5862 Option 1
Francois 082 8022 088 Option 2

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