Friday, April 23, 2010

Licences, licences, licences...

Folks the topic has been mentioned, but is worth mentioning again. More and more races will require licensing, and it will become imperative for individuals to ensure their's are sorted out. You take the time to check your saddle height and lube your chain, take the time and sort your licence out. 

The change came in where licences are now paid for online by the individual and not by clubs anymore, so once you are a member of the club, it is your responsibility to go onto, apply for the licence, pay online and the club will authorize it once it has been verified that your club fees are paid. The licences will be sent to the club mailbox and can be collected at Boesmanland Biltong in Highveld Mall. 

But guys and gals, please check that your licences arrive in good order, as the club has no control over the transaction between you and Cycling SA. If you incur any problems along the way you can contact Radia from Cycling SA at 012 671 8254.

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