Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Training Point

There comes a time when a person closes one door, and another opens. I have come to know you well during the past two and a half years. Can you believe that the MTB Forum has been going that long?

I have been given the opportunity by SA Cycling Coaching Commission to qualify myself as a UCI Level 2 Coach. A huge thanks to most noticeably Ciska Austin (Secretary SA Cycling) that made this possible. As such I have taken up the coaching hat again and will be available for coaching again from the 1st of May. I shall be operating under the same name as before – TrainingPoint. Unfortunately this means extra responsibility and added demands on my private time. Therefore I’ll be giving up the MTB Forum and hopefully somebody else will step up to the challenge to fill this role. The MTB Forum has been hugely effective as a communication and information piece in the local community.

I include the Pro Forma Pamphlet covers for your attention. Yes, I am aware that there are tiny mistakes and these will be sorted out before final distribution. It is however to give you an idea of the cost structure, services and volume of advice and information available. It is widely known that the greatest inhibiting factor of raised performance, is lack of valid information and application there of. Cycling in South Africa is at a premium - because we have real icons, heroes and performers on the world stage. This has created an immense buzz amongst the younger riders. The future indeed looks bright.

I hereby wish to extend an invitation to all Forum bikers to at least once try the coaching principle. I’ll only be accommodating 20 riders at first. Mostly because proper coaching is time consuming. But even more important that I wish to present a proper quality service at the correct price. The fees are indeed low at National Level standards. Not to mention International Standards. I also wish to leave some space for the Long Term Athlete Development of hopefully a world class athlete. I know of one or two riders out there that have real potential. Now if only the parents would come to the party and give their kids a real chance in life. Our country is a vast canvass of talent, but parental influence, teacher preferences and disadvantaged communities’ cyclists never get the opportunity. So chances pass these riders by, possible Olympians get stuck in mundane duties and careers. It is my mission and vision to unearth at least one such athlete in the next ten years.

Thank you very much for your time, tolerance and support of the MTB Forum. It is now time for TrainingPoint and I trust to see at least a few of your faces there.

Deon Carstens



082 446 5089

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