Monday, February 28, 2011

Belfast weekend Ride

Don, Atholl, Karien, Glen, Sandra, Francois, Barnie, Tracey, Richard, Andy

On Saturday 26 February 2011 a group of 10 mountain bikers were priveliged to travel to Belfast to the farm of Barney Barnard  to participate in a 68 km ride. The ride took us along district gravel roads that were in great condition and very little traffic to speak of.  The ride was thoroughly enjoyed by all riders.  Even a very sick dog didn't deter Kobus and Wendy from Middelburg and they started late but completed the route while we relaxed at the farm.  Many thanks to the 2 sweep vehicles and to Barney and his wife Bonny for their kind hospitality after the race. We hope to see more Club 100 members take advantage of a ride in this stunning area next time.

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